Meet Diane Eler, our Inaugural Covenant Award Honoree

What is our Covenant Award?

At UrbanPromise Trenton we are very fortunate to have so many friends who are truly part of the “promise” of our mission. These friends deliver on their intention to serve our kids and teens as volunteers, advocates and donors and sustain our mission in so many ways.

 There are those friends whose “promise” rises to a different level. Their promise to the children and teens of Trenton is deeper; a commitment of not just time and money, but of sincere Christian compassionate service that impacts lives in such a profound way that a covenant is formed between the person who serves and those impacted by that service.

Our honoree, Diane Eler, is just such a person.

Diane has been with UrbanPromise Trenton (UPT) since our inception in 2011. She has shared her time, talent and treasure in a myriad of ways through the years. Diane is one of our most generous donors and her financial gifts have, to be frank, allowed us to keep “the doors open” in our early days.

Through the years, Diane’s involvement with UPT has moved from the sideline to the frontline. First, as a volunteer with the Keating Family Camp Truth Christmas Party, an annual holiday tradition hosted by Lynn and Meta Keating. Diane is part of the service team and supplies sweet treats and fruits for the party.

Diane also tried some volunteer opportunities that didn’t work as well, but after having an “aha” moment, Diane asked if she could share her love of jewelry making and create earrings with some of the girls, and in 2018 UrbanGirl Jewels was born, and Diane found her UPT groove!

Joined by her team of Bedees, Nymanie, Brajanae and Lovely, they create and design earrings, as well as beaded bookmarks, to sell at our gala fundraiser and other community events. While the design team does a lot of work, Diane does all the tedious work of finishing the earrings and sorting through the beads we used every week!

While ostensibly, the girls and Diane gather to work, there is so much more is happening. Diane always brings a healthy snack for her team and while they eat, they plan for that week’s work and chat about the day’s news, and with pre-teen girls, there is always a lot of news! Diane listens intently, offers gentle advice and encouragement as needed, but doesn’t judge. It is a rare gift for these girls.

Diane is always greeted with a hug by each of the team. They are always genuinely glad to see her because SHE is always glad to see them. As Diane shares; “I love these girls, they mean so much to me. I am grateful that that I can do something that they enjoy so that I can be with them. They are great kids.”

Diane was born in Trenton and grew up in Lawrenceville. She met her husband, John, who was also born in Trenton, at a sorority mixer at Rider College, where she graduated. Diane and John had two children, Jennifer and Chris, and moved to Bucks County PA in 1991. They were married for 34 years before John died in 2005. Diane is the proud “Jamou” to five grandchildren; Jane, Julia, Charlotte, John, and Libby. Diane is a member of Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church in New Hope, PA where she has served on the Board of Session.

2 Corinthians 9:7 says: “Let each one give thoughtfully and with purpose, just as they have decided in their heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver, and delights in the one whose heart is in his gift.

 We are grateful that Diane is, indeed, a cheerful giver whose heart is in her gift. We are thrilled to share this honor with such a deserving and faithful friend who shares her time, talent and treasure in such generous measure.

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