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Wish List

Our Wishlist: You can make a difference for our AfterSchool and SummerCamp Program!

Contact Georgia by email or phone 609-273-3351 for questions, options, or details.


Since all of the students attend online class, students need access to computers. If you want to donate a Chromebook, we will make sure it gets in the hands of a student in need. Please reach out to Eric Martin to facilitate this donation.


Even though the kids are at home, UPT continues to provide snack items for families bimonthly.  Healthy snacks such as: pretzels, popcorn, cereal bars-strawberry & blueberry, fresh fruit in season, string cheese, and applesauce are always welcome. Please contact Georgia for details and delivery options.

General Supplies:

Visit our Amazon page for an updated list of items.

Special Needs for Street Leaders:

  • $25 gift cards for outstanding service
  • Transportation/support for special events – primarily on weekends
  • Tutors for science, math, history, language arts

Homework Helpers and Tutors

We need help for elementary school homework. We also need tutors for reading, math, history, writing, and science for all levels including high school. One or two hours per week would be very helpful. If you need to miss a week, once in a while, don’t let that deter you. If you are willing and able to fill this important need, please contact Georgia Koenig via email or call 609-273-3351.

Sharing Your Interests and Talents

If you have a hobby or talent that you would like to share such as storytelling, mentoring a book club, painting, arts and crafts (at holiday times or anytime), music, dancing, sports, exercise, cooking program, please be in touch and we will figure out how you can share it with the children on whatever frequency works for you… time, daily, weekly, or monthly!

Staff related ‘needs’

Coffee, tea, bottled water, coffee filters, printer paper, #9 and #10 envelopes, manila envelopes, file folders, stamps, and other office supplies.

Thank you for your Support!