From 81 to 100 in one semester!

It’s that time of the year at UPT; time for all the StreetLeaders to bring in their report cards so we can see how they are doing.

In October we raised the grade requirement for mandatory tutoring for the teens from a “C” to a “B”. It was a tough change for some of the teens, especially because we include ALL subjects like gym and music. And if you have been around teens before, well, they can really expend some energy trying to convince you to change your mind in their favor! But we held strong and, with the support of students from the Bonner Scholar Program at TCNJ, who tutor our teens, we are seeing positive results of the changes we made.

Dhenya was one of the students who landed in tutoring due to her gym grade. And she was not happy about the mandatory tutoring on her days off(because of gym!), but, she did it, she made sure she attended tutoring on her days off through the fall semester. Yesterday, Dhenya came to work and, very proudly, handed over her report card. Her grades went up in every class (including gym, more about that later) and in English her grade went from 81 to 100! We were thrilled for her!

And the gym grade? Well it was a “C”, so Dhenya needs to come to tutoring this semester; again. But this time she said, “it’s okay, I know it’s what I have to do.”

It is not easy to make changes. Humans tend to resist change no matter their age. But we are so committed to these teens, to their education, and to their future. We know you, our community of friends and advocates are just as committed as we are and when we see results like this,  I know we are all encouraged and inspired to keep on pushing for the best in each student!