Promise Partners

UPTrenton’s strength comes from the families we serve and the wonderful community of support that has grown around us in the Trenton area, as local youth have been brought together in caring relationships with college students, volunteers, and donors. UPTrenton receives significant funding through committed partnerships with local churches.

As we grow, we look forward to creating strong partnerships with the corporate community and area businesses. Collaborating for the good of the community will serve the city of Trenton and the families, teens and youth we serve.

At UPT we are grateful to all our partners, but we would like to especially offer gratitude to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral .

Trinity has been our home since we first arrived on the scene! Dean John, the Vestry and staff have provided a safe space, support and encouragement from the start. We are beyond grateful to call this place “home”. 

To learn more about becoming a Promise Partner and how our work together will serve the greater good, contact Eric Martin, Resource Manager.

We are grateful to the following organizations – together we can do what we cannot do alone!