Inspiration Where You Find It

Three of our Junior StreetLeaders, Bedees (Betty), Brijane and Lovely, visited Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church this past Sunday as part of our Alternative Christmas Gift Market. We had a wonderful time and there were lots of hugs from folks who have watched these three young women grow up.
After church we went to a diner with our friend Ms. Diane. We had a fabulous time and enjoyed our food and our conversation. As we were leaving Ms. Diane pulled out notebooks with inspirational sayings on the cover and let each girl choose their own cover. They were so excited and clamored to read each cover.
Lovely and Betty chose the notebook pictured to the left, which reads “Create what sets your heart on fire & it will illuminate the path ahead” while Brijane choose “There is only one me, I am UNIQUE”. They thanked Ms. Diane effusively for lunch and for the “beautiful” notebooks. And we were on our way.
As we traveled back to Trenton we discussed our day. All three of the kids loved the experience. They met nice people and had GREAT food, they loved helping with the Alternative Christmas Gift Market, and they loved the FOOD! Bedees was in the front seat next to me and looked down at her notebook and repeated the words on the cover out loud. She was quiet for a minute and then said; “You know this is true and it IS inspiring. I am going to look at this everyday to remind me to be inspired.” 
I am inspired by kids like Betty, Lovely, Brijane. And I am inspired by so many others who are part of our UPT family; like our volunteers and donors who have walked beside us and loved these young people for so long.
This is the season of inspiration, as we wait, once again, for the arrival of a tiny baby who will change the world. How do you stay inspired through the season? What captures your heart and spirit as you prepare for the birth of Jesus? Through December we will be sharing stories of inspiration witnessed here at UPT. It is our hope that these stories give you a moment to pause, reflect and be inspired!
In peace and gratitude,
Melissa Mantz, Executive Director
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