We are no longer accepting applications, our StreetLeader Team is full!

Thank you for your interest in the StreetLeader Program! Check back soon to meet our 2022-2023 StreetLeader Team!

Job Description: Teen leaders work at our AfterSchool Program sites, provide direct programming for the younger students, and assist other staff members by providing support for younger students who are part of UPT’s AfterSchool Program. StreetLeaders work with two dedicated StreetLeader Directors who help them plan programming.

StreetLeaders support each other, too, encouraging each other and providing their colleagues with a safe space to process life on life’s terms. Our StreetLeaders are also leaders at school and in their community. UPT is a faith-based organization and teens will explore and talk about Christian values.

We provide our StreetLeaders with serious academic support. We want you to succeed at school so you can pursue a college degree or a meaningful trade opportunity. Your future is up to YOU, but we are here to support you.  Our Youth College Readiness Program assists high school students and their families, prepare for college and beyond.

Must have the permission of your parent/guardian to submit an application, and you must get your Working Papers from your school prior to beginning work.


What is a StreetLeader!

StreetLeaders are the heart of our mission and the soul of UPT!

UPT StreetLeaders are Trenton-area high school students, many of whom have come through the UPT AfterSchool Program and SummerCamp programs and are now employed by UPT. For many, this is their first employment opportunity, but more importantly, being StreetLeaders keeps teens academically and civically engaged during the at-risk hours of 3-6. StreetLeader responsibilities include participation in the development and implementation of the program curriculum for 1st – 8th-grade students; they serve as role models and counselors for these younger students as well. StreetLeaders receive job training for their work with UPT, academic enrichment opportunities and tutoring; they also participate in leadership development workshops as well as training from Trenton-area organizations such as The Links, Incorporated, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (T.A.S.K.), and Womanspace.

The heavy emphasis on academics distinguishes UPT from other Trenton-area organizations and programs. Throughout the year, UPT tracks progress reports, report card grades, and student reading levels. Additionally, mandatory summer reading for all StreetLeaders fills a significant learning gap. Finally, our StreetLeaders would not be successful without support from the community, specifically parents. With parent meetings and community events, UPT has the opportunity to provide updates on academics, celebrate college acceptances, and receive feedback from parents and community members on how they perceive the value of the programs offered by UPT.



At UrbanPromise Trenton, teens are employed as StreetLeaders, acting as camp counselors, tutors, and mentors for the children who attend our AfterSchool Drop-In Program and SummerCamp. For many, this is their first employment opportunity, but more importantly, being StreetLeaders keeps these teens off the streets and away from the lure of gangs and Trenton’s crime scene. In addition to job training, they participate in academic enrichment, tutoring, leadership workshops, and college preparation.

100% UPT graduation rate in the city where the rate hovers under 70%. Many of our teens are now enrolled in college.

We believe that an educated child becomes an empowered adult. That is why our goal is to see each and every teen in our program graduate from high school. We have achieved that goal each year since our program started, and many of our teens are now enrolled in college. The graduation rate speaks for itself, and the StreetLeaders report improved confidence, self-esteem, and hope for a brighter future.
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