Reading BINGO! Everyone is a winner!

As we wrap up our AfterSchool Program, we wanted to highlight Ms. JoAnn and Camp Truth’s Group One Reading Club.
Ms. JoAnn is a volunteer tutor with our Group One students (1st & 2nd graders). She noticed that the kids, who enjoyed being read to, did not enjoy reading on their own and viewed it as a chore. Ms. JoAnn, who was a librarian in the Trenton Public Schools for many years, decided to come up with a way to engage and encourage the students to read, and she did!
Ms. JoAnn created “Reading Bingo” and the game was on! Students were challenged to read at least 16 books from March until June using a modified Bingo board as a record keeper.  It was slow at first and Ms. JoAnn is only here two days a week, but Reading Bingo caught on and before you know it, there was a room full of readers who were enthusiastic and excited about reading ON THEIR OWN! Stuffed animals served as Reading Buddies for our young readers who learned reading can be fun.
Students read a total of 158 books!!! With 16 Bingo spots to fill, several of our readers read more than 16 books, and all the readers filled at least half of their Bingo cards. They earned an end of the year Ice Cream Party. At the party all of the students received reading certificates, were able to choose books to take home and received a Reading Buddy for the summer. (Check out a short video below)
In Trenton, only 35% of students read to grade level. There are many reasons for this statistic. At UPT, we believe that our mission is carried out through our ability to provide strong academic support to the students who are part of our free programs. Helping kids to develop a love of reading is essential to our philosophy of education.
Ms. JoAnn’s love for the kids, and her creativity, proves that “one person can make a difference’. We are grateful to Ms. JoAnn for sharing her time, talent and treasure with UPT. And we are thrilled at the progress of our students because that is what it is all about!
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