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This spring, UPT hired Michael Lovaglio as a part-time Academic Director to help us raise our academic standards. Michael worked at UrbanPromise Camden at one time and is passionately committed to helping urban students bridge the education gap. Michael quickly instituted “Reading Clubs” across all grade levels to help students meet necessary reading goals. Michael is also a professor at Mercer County Community College and he worked with MCCC leadership to secure scholarships for UPT students to attend an entry level college course. Three high school juniors are wrapping up their first semester successfully and will apply to colleges with credits on their application!


Last year was a rebuilding year for our StreetLeader Program and we had just 14 students in the program. This year we have 30 StreetLeaders in the program! We are so excited to serve so many teens in Trenton. We know too well the challenges the teens in Trenton deal with every day and we want to be a safe solution for this wonderful young people. Our SL’s work with the younger students in the AfterSchool Program as mentors and leaders. While we have always required our SL’s to meet academic standards, this year we raised the bar and partnered with TCNJ Bonner Scholar Program to provide daily tutoring for SL’s with academic challenges. We believe the sky is the limit for these young people and we want to do all we can to help them achieve their goals for the future. We are encouraged by these teens as we watch them grow into young leaders in their community.


We could not be prouder of Aaron! Aaron began his journey with UPT as student in the SummerCamp Program. When he became a teenager, he was employed as a StreetLeader for all four years of high school. Between his 10th and 11th grade, Aaron had an “AHA” moment. Aaron realized that the only person responsible for his success at school was himself. After struggling in his earlier years at high school, Aaron worked hard and graduated this past June. To save money and ensure that he does not take on student debt, Aaron has begun his college career at MCCC. His current GPA is 3.7. When Aaron is ready, he will transfer to a four-year school to attain his degree. Aaron is still part of the UPT and works as a college intern at Camp Truth where he began as camper!

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