SHARE Your Light

Recently a friend challenged me by giving me two votive candles. She asked me to keep one and to share the other with someone who needs light in their lives. I immediately thought about all the people who share their light with UrbanPromise Trenton. How so many of our community, volunteers, donors and advocates, share their time, talent and treasure-their light- with the children and teens at UPT. And what a great impact this has had on everyone at UPT. We are so grateful for the support of so many. Because of this support we had a year of growth at UPT.

Growing is exciting but, it is also challenging. This year donations funded expansion of our StreetLeader team, the the addition of a part-time Academic Director and all of the daily expenses of running AfterSchool and SummerCamp programs. We are so blessed to be able to continue to meet our mission.

All of our success stories are YOUR success stories. And we are counting on you to continue being part of our shared success.  Your gift this year will allow us to grow as well as keep the lights on, provide snacks for the students at camp, give StreetLeaders a chance to visit college campuses, and give all children opportunity to learn through reading enrichments.

Keep shining bright, friends. And check back on this page through December to meet more friends who are sharing their light with UrbanPromise Trenton!

We met the wonderful folks at Christine’s Hope for Kids three years ago. They had a passion to serve children and teens in Trenton, so we were a match! Christine’s Hope for Kids help kids in need in our local communities by getting them what they need to learn, grow and flourish. Each spring they give a generous grant for our SummerCamp Program, donate filled backpacks at the beginning of the school year and provide filled stockings to give to the children for Christmas.We just received a visit from the CHFK “elves” yesterday! We are so grateful that these friends share their light with us!

Chesterfield Baptist Church has been a sharing their light with UPT since we opened our doors in 2011. They embrace us with big arms of love! Each year they host a week of SummerCamp, providing the children with all kinds of learning fun. We traditionally host our first Alternative Gift Market at Chesterfield Baptist. They also give our StreetLeaders opportunity to speak about their experience in their Sunday Forum. It is always amazing to hear how their experiences as StreetLeaders have changed their lives. We appreciate Pastor Ed DeSilva’s passion for our mission and we are blessed by volunteers like Linda Haver!

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